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  Bed Elevator
  The SEPAC-INTERNATIONAL elevator system includes the MMR (Mini Machine Room) & MRL (Machine Room Less) system. The elevator equipment is fully in conformity with the European Standard EN 81-1:1998 + A3:2009, "Safety Rules for the Construction and Installation of Electrical Lifts", the Regulations of the Association of German Electrical Engineers (VDE) in conjunction with the Local Electrical Code where deemed necessary as well as the German Industrial Standard (DIN).

The electrical equipment of the elevators is designed for the prevailing climatic conditions and rated temperature between +5°C ~ +40°C. Relative humidity of the environment shall not exceed 90% at temperature of +25°C. In order to ensure that this temperature is not exceeded, a suitable thermostat controlled air-condition or air-ventilation of the machine room have to be provided by others.

The technology of the key parts and components is imported as well as processed, assembled and completed from the SEPAC-INTERNATIONAL.The elevators are state-of-the-art regarding technology, quality, safety, design and function.

Using advanced and reliable microprocessor technology which results in a high  availability of the elevators in conjunction with comfortable drive behavior, short travel and waiting time, substantial energy savings and maintenance-friendly diagnostic system.

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