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SEPAC-INTERNATIONAL, who has more than forty years experience in elevator industry, the scope of supplies and services is the research, developing, engineering, manufacturing and distribution of elevators and escalators also the relevant components. It focuses on complete solution, not only the elevator equipments, but also the service.  From building traffic analysis, engineering, production to installation and commissioning.

The SEPAC-INTERNATIONAL is a wholly owned German investment registered in Germany with manufacture and sourcing Center in China, installation supporting in Middle East. 

The SEPAC-INTERNATIONAL conveying system is state-of-the-art regarding technologies, quality, safety, designs and functions. The elevator, escalator and the relevant key components are certified for their safety and quality by the independent GermanTechnical Ueberwachungsverein (TUV).

The products cover the passenger elevator, home lift, hospital elevator, panorama elevator, goods elevator, firefighter elevator, escalator, auto-walk, etc.

The elevator equipment is in fully conformity with the European Standard EN 81-1:1998 + A3:2009 “Safety Rules for the Construction and Installation of Electrical Lifts”, the Regulations of the Association of German Electrical Engineers (VDE) in conjunction with the Local Electrical Code where deemed necessary as well as the German Industrial Standard (DIN).

The escalator equipment is in fully conformity with the European Standard EN 115:1995 “Safety Rules for the Construction of escalators and passenger conveyors”.

The SEPAC-INTERNATIONAL guarantees 24-hour tele-communication and hotline service world wide, qualified technical support, long term spare parts availability, express spare parts delivery and periodically seminars in their technical service center.

The electrical system is pre-wired, plug & play, pre-adjusted and 100% tested to ensure smooth and accurate installations. Each part has to pass a series of rugged tests before shipped out. It means the high quality standards of SEPAC-INTERNATIONAL will exceed yours.

The SEPAC-INTERNATIONAL is confident in the success of their scope of supplies and services as well as convinced to contribute towards a fruitful cooperation with competent selected companies for the mutual benefit.

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